Sample image är ett initiativ att skapa en portal för det Linux-baserade öppen källkod operativsystemet Tizen.

På hittar ni alla nyheter kring Tizen på ett och samma ställe samt ett forum för diskussioner.

Samsung’s upcoming round smartwatch will also feature wireless charging

  Smartwatches are a fantastic bit of kit. You can check your notifications and also run applications directly from your wrist, which can be useful when you have a Samsung Note 4 and would rather leave that in your pocket. So far all the Samsung Smartwatches that have been released require a cradle in order for them to charge, and even though the cradles are not too hard to use, they can be seen as a bit of a hassle, after all aren’t all premium devices heading towards having charging capabilities? We previously covered about the upcoming Samsung round watch...Read more

Samsung set to sell 30 Million Tizen TVs in 2015

  Samsung Electronics Co. have revealed that they plan to sell 30 million Tizen TVs in 2015, according to an Industry source. Samsung aim to ship an estimated 60 million TVs in 2015 with Tizen TVs expected to be over 50% of that figure. These will be using the new quantum-dot display technology which has the capability of showing 1 billion colours, which is 64 times more than what current TV models can perform. Samsung showcased their Tizen TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 show in Las Vegas, dubbed as “SUHD TV,” where they Introduced the JS8500, JS9000...Read more

[Video] FAST Web Browsing on the Samsung Z1 Smartphone – TIZEN

  Tizen is a HTML5 centric Operating System and as such embraces and also excels at HTML5 web compatibility. Tizen has consistently performed well in this department and promises to be able to render websites correctly and maintain most of the functionality, even when using it on a mobile device. In fact the browser in the unreleased Samsung SC-03F received a score of 500 out of a total of 555 points on the website I think we have had enough talking, so lets see the browser in action on the Samsung Z1 in the video below, which was created...Read more

Samsung NX500 Tizen smart camera now available for pre-order in the US

  The Samsung NX500 has not been announced yet but it has been leaked and is already available for pre-order at B&H, a professional photography store, and is listed as “coming soon”. The price tag for the camera with a 16-50mm lens is $799.99 USD. The official announcement for the Samsung NX500 is expected soon.        ...Read more

[Developer] Video – Know your Tizen Gear Application Types for your App / Game

  Gear Application Types Hey App / Game Devs, do you want to learn more about creating applications the Tizen Gear Series of Smart watches ? Yes, Good, I’ll continue. One of the fundamental things you need to know is what types of applications that can be created for the Gear.   There are three types of Gear Applications Linked Integrated Standalone   Depending on what you want to achieve, each of the application type has its own benefits and therefore it is best to research which one will fit your app / game the best. Below is a video...Read more

[Video] The first “Ever” Samsung Tizen Z1 Smartphone sold

  We are excited about the release of the first ever Smartphone that is based on the Tizen OS, the Samsung Z1, and lots of Tizen developers in India are also welcoming the new addition to the Tizen device family. Our friend Daniel Juyun Seo was in India for the launch of the Z1 and was the lucky first customer to purchase a device at Samsung Smart Cafe in Bangalore (Concepts INC. operates). He captured his buying experience in pictures and a video below.   Samsung Z1 on display             Now is the time that...Read more

Specifications of Samsung NX500 mirrorless camera Leaked, also new NX3300 camera on the way

  Samsung NX500 Specifications have leaked online for another Tizen based camera, the Samsung NX500 mirrorless camera taken from an European online retailer, bring priced at €999 ($1,100) for two lens kit and €749 for a kit with one lens, with shipping starting in February:     Samsung NX 500 Specifications 28M BSI CMOS sensor Hybrid Auto Focus System (Phase Detection + Contrast AF) AF 205 points! 9 frames per second shooting continuous New SMART options: GEO tagging, 4x faster WiFi connection, Bluetooth etc. 2.5K (Quad HD) movie UHD Timelaps Video Tilt flip-up Super AMOLED display with Touch Double control wheel...Read more

Skype group video calling now available for Samsung 2014 TVs, No news on Tizen yet

  After Microsoft bought Skype we weren’t sure if they would let everyone else play with their new expensive toy or if they would keep it as a Microsoft platform only messaging app. Well we shouldn’t of feared too much as they made their group video calling feature free on the Windows desktop, Mac and Xbox One in April 2014. Today Skype 4.0 has been announced for the TV, which will allow free group video calling on your 2014 Samsung Smart TV with built-in camera. Users will be able to talk naturally and see each other in full HD (1080p)....Read more

Why Tizen? Tizen in the Big Picture

  We have recently had the release of the Samsung Tizen TV, quickly followed by the Samsung Z1 as the first Tizen Smartphone to be released, and now there are rumours of a round face smartwatch being unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. What next? According to Samsung’s blog they are looking at Introducing a flood of devices, their choice of words! More wearables, cameras, Smart TVs throughout 2015, but this is the top of the ice berg. Tizen is an important part Samsung’s Internet of things (IoT) strategy as BK Yoon, the company’s CEO, highlighted at the International...Read more

Tizen Samsung Z1 is now available at the Remote Test Lab

  Developers have the option of running their applications on a device simulator and even though they can achieve a lot, there is still nothing like running it on a real test device. We are happy to announce that that the Samsung Z1 has joined other devices in the Samsung Remote Test Lab (RTL). You can now Install and test your applications on real devices over the web. The RTL requires a Modern browser with JavaScript and a Java runtime environment (JRE v1.7 +). Check out the Remote Test Lab now !!!! The post Tizen Samsung Z1 is now available...Read more

More details on Samsung’s round smartwatch – Rotating bezel ring crown-shaped power button

  The Samsung Tizen smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear / Gear 2 and Gear S are fantastic devices that are running the best of Operating systems (am I biased? Lol), but the square form factor isn’t for everyone, we know that and it looks like Samsung does as well. The rumours are that Samsung are gearing up to release a round smartwatch codenamed Orbis to be launched at MWC 2015, but now we have a few more details. The guys over at Sammobile say, according to their sources, that Orbis will now feature a rotating bezel ring on top and...Read more

The Intel Tizen Compute Stick?

  The Ultra Portable Computer The Intel Compute Stick is a new generation portable computing device that is just four inches long, but houses a quad-core Intel Atom processor, WiFi, on-board storage, and a micro SD card slot. The idea is that you get performance, quality, and value with Pre-installed Windows 8.1* or Linux.     So who wants Windows? Yes, no one, or none of us at least. Now what about Linux? Well you have your standard linux distributions like Ubuntu, Arch and Fedora etc, but how about Tizen? There are some people in the Tizen mailing lists that...Read more

Samsung’s 60GHz Wi-Fi Tech enables up to 4.6Gbps transfer speed

  Samsung Electronics have announced the development of its 60GHz Wi-Fi technology, a five-fold increase from the current 866Mbps to 4.6Gbps, or the ability to move 575MB per second. Moving large files or streaming HD or even 4K video in real time will be possible on the commercially viable 60GHz millimeter-wave band Wi-Fi technology. “Samsung has successfully overcome the barriers to the commercialization of 60GHz millimeter-wave band Wi-Fi technology, and looks forward to commercializing this breakthrough technology,” said Kim Chang Yong, Head of DMC R&D Center of Samsung Electronics. “New and innovative changes await Samsung’s next-generation devices, while new possibilities have...Read more

Is the TouchWiz successor, Iconic UX coming to Android and Tizen ?

  Samsung has been using TouchWiz on its Galaxy Smartphones and tablets from the early Android days (seems like decades now). It has reached it’s success with using TouchWiz and incorporating its own features such as multi app display or screen mirroring (before it was native to the Google Androids OS). Some people have complained that TouchWiz is a ‘touch’ heavy as a user interface and Samsung has been triming it down, and it appears to be the lightest and fastest that it has ever been on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.     TouchWiz has been improved over time,...Read more

[Wallpapers] Tizen themed Samsung Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy Backgrounds Vol 29

  Happy Monday to our Readers and Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Neo and Galaxy Smartwatch owners. Lets start the week with a Tizen collection of some great wallpapers, including some Avatar ones. We know lots of people love these, even making their own applications from them !!!!   Download instructions As ever, you can download them directly from our site either using your computer or your mobile device, and then easily transfer them to your Samsung Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo or Galaxy Gear using the Samsung Gear Manager application. Click on the Image you want to download, then right...Read more

Control your Smartphone, Lighting, Music, TV, using a Smart Ring

  The world is getting Smarter all around us with Smart watch, Smart TV, Smart Camera, Smart Phone, Smart Car, Smart Fridge, Smart Washing Machine and Smart Home. Is there room for anything else that can be regarded as Smart? Well Yes, the Smart Ring! The devices is created by Logbar Inc., who have their headquarters in Tokyo and also an office in Sunnyvale, CA. The Smart Ring gives you the ability of control your smartphone, smart home appliances, Google Glass, smartwatch and other compatible devices via air gestures, and connects to you Smart phone, Smart watch, Google Glasses, and other...Read more

[Developer] September 2014 – Tizen developer discussion roundup

  Summer has officially come to an end, but there has been Tizen development being carried during September. Below is all the hottest Topics that have been making the rounds in the Developer mailing lists Tizen 3 services: use case for multi user The most actively discussed topic. The thread has started with Dominig ar Foll’s announcement of guides created to help developers cope with different multi-user use cases. D-Bus bindings for Crosswalk, Crosswalk extensions in Python Patric Ohly in a very detailed message announced availability of Cloudeebus, a JavaScript proxy for D-Bus, which will enable access to Tizen services from Crosswalk. Gumd usage...Read more

More Sessions added to the Samsung Developer Conference 2014 Schedule #SDC14

  The Samsung Developer Conference is a 3 day conference from November 11-13, 2014 held at the Moscone west, San Francisco, CA. We have previously covered this conference and our thoughts about it previously. Today Samsung has released more sessions onto the Schedule as detailed below, making it an even more compelling conference to attend.     November 12 11:00am – 12:00pm Creating Realistic Sound for True Spatial Immersion in VR Applications Virtual Reality 11:00am – 12:00pm Samsung KNOX, Developing for the Enterprise Enterprise 11:00am – 12:00pm Building Large-Scale Applications Using Web Standards Mobile Web 11:00am – 12:00pm Samsung Gear...Read more

Major online retailers have the Tizen Samsung Gear S Smartwatch on Pre-order in the UK

  Unlocked Mobiles Yesterday we reported that UK online retailer unlocked mobiles had confirmed pre-orders for the Gear S, well today It looks like the momentum isn’t stopping there.   Mobile Fun Mobile fun < have announced they will have the Gear S in stock in the coming 2-3 weeks, no fixed release date as yet, but they will be retailing it for £329.99     Make and take phone calls at a glance, even without a phone! With the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch, you no longer need to take your phone out of your bag or pocket to...Read more

[Video] Cool clock faces for the Samsung Gear 2 / Neo by Belvek

  The guys over at Belvek have been busy with lots of innovative watch faces for the Tizen Gear 2 / Galaxy range, and here we have a few that stand out from the crowd. There are 3 to take your pick from:   video Cool Animated numbers clock for Gear 2 / Neo   Halloween watchface for Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neo   Sweet clock for Samsung Gear and Gear Neo   These clock faces should be available from Samsung Gear Apps store, or should be available quite soon. The post [Video] Cool clock faces for the Samsung...Read more