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Samsung Z1 Tizen smartphone

Samsung launches its first Tizen smartphone... again

Where were you when Samsung launched its first Tizen phone? That's debatable. The company proudly revealed the "Z" last year , but later scrapped the "high-end" model before it ever reached customers, instead choosing to refocus on creating budget devices. We're now seeing the first fruits of that effort, as Samsung has just announced the Z1 , a low-end Tizen smartphone for India. "Budget" is definitely the right word for this phone: priced at 5700 Rupees (a shade over $90), it has a 4-inch WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) display, a 1.2GHz processor, 3.1-megapixel camera (and a VGA front camera),...Read more

All of Samsung's new smart TVs run Tizen, stream TV to your phone

This summer Samsung showed off prototype HDTVs powered by its homegrown Tizen OS (pictured above and in the gallery), and things have apparently progressed far enough for the company to go all-in on the software next year. While Tizen hasn't taken over on phones or smartwatches yet, Samsung says every one of its 2015 smart TVs will be based on it . So what can the TVs do? Other than run PlayStation Now for cloud-streamed gaming, they can stream TV to Samsung mobile devices that are nearby. It uses Bluetooth LE to detect devices in range then WiFi Direct for...Read more
Samsung Gear S review: an ambitious and painfully flawed smartwatch

Samsung Gear S review: an ambitious and painfully flawed smartwatch

Samsung's wearables strategy seems to be: "Throw everything at a wall and see what sticks." In a little over 12 months, the electronics giant has launched six -- yes, six -- different smartwatches, each with its own unique personality. The latest is the Samsung Gear S , and its particular claim to fame might be the most ambitious yet: It's the first Gear watch that lets you make and receive calls from your wrist, no phone required. Yep, the Gear S actually has a 3G modem inside it, along with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS radios. It's basically a watch that's...Read more
Samsung Gear S

Samsung's 3G-ready Gear S watch reaches the US November 7th

Itching to strap Samsung's 3G-equipped Gear S smartwatch on your wrist? If you're in the US, you'll only have to wait one more week. The cellular-capable timepiece is now officially slated to reach American stores on November 7th, including Best Buy, AT&T , Sprint , T-Mobile and Verizon. Just how much you'll pay depends on your choice of network. Verizon hasn't mentioned pricing just yet, but AT&T will sell the Gear S for $200 on a two-year contract; Sprint and T-Mobile will offer the wristwear on monthly installment plans that have you shelling out respective totals of $384 and $350....Read more

Blocks' modular smartwatch will talk to your iPhone

Blocks first unveiled its modular smartwatch with a plan to use Android Wear, much as Project Ara smartphone will use a special version of Android. However, there has been a change of plans -- and it's good news if you're not of the Google persuasion. The team now says that it's using a version of the open source Tizen platform that should support Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so you probably won't have to give up a favorite device just to try this out. The Blocks team also has access to Intel's newest processors thanks to a prize from a...Read more
Data-saving Opera Mini browser to land on Samsung Gear S watch

Data-saving Opera Mini browser to land on Samsung Gear S watch

While Tizen's smartphone future remains foggy , it's slowly gaining street cred in the wearable space courtesy of Samsung's smartwatches and their handful of apps. The latest brand to help push this young ecosystem is none other than Opera, who is bringing its Mini browser to the Gear S due later this year. Of course, it'd be impractical to squint at a two-inch touchscreen all day long, but Opera Mini does offer a major advantage: its renowned data compression technology that can shrink web pages to as little as one-tenth of their size, thus making more efficient use of the...Read more
Samsung Tizen-based TV

Samsung shifts 500 engineers from mobile to other areas

Samsung may be focused on smartphones , but it apparently doesn't want to become a one-trick pony. The Korean tech giant has just moved 500 engineers from its mobile division to a host of other groups, including its home electronics, networking and software sections. The company says it's shuffling people around to both boost its "competitive edge" in the internet of things and "increase synergies" for the Tizen platform it primarily uses on its wearable devices . We've reached out for more details, but it's safe to say that Samsung's software priorities are changing -- it's less concerned about its...Read more

Samsung Gear S preview: What's it like to type emails on a 2-inch screen?

Six. That's how many smartwatches Samsung has unveiled in the past 12 months. If these devices were Friends episodes, there'd be the original Galaxy Gear ("The one announced last year at this time"), the Gear 2 ("The one with fewer bugs"), the Gear Fit ("The one designed for fitness tracking"), the Gear 2 Neo ("The one that didn't cost as much") and the Gear Live ("The one that ran Android apps"). If nothing else, it shows that Samsung is willing to experiment -- and maybe even listen to feedback from users, and reviewers like us. Now, as the original Gear...Read more

Nokia's HERE Maps is coming to Android as a Samsung exclusive


Samsung's Gear S smartwatch doesn't need a phone to get online or make calls

Samsung is taking the wraps off of yet another new smartwatch, but the Gear S has a twist: there's a 3G modem inside. While it may not be especially fast, that means that even when it's outside of the range of a connection from a Bluetooth-connected phone or WiFi, it can send and receive messages or make calls. It has a 2-inch AMOLED screen with an onscreen keyboard for the messaging part, and there's a dual-core 1GHz CPU inside along with GPS and motion sensors for fitness tracking. It runs Tizen instead of Android, with pedestrian navigation available from from...Read more

Huawei boss says Tizen has 'no chance' of success

Fans of mobile operating systems not called "Android" or 'iOS" might be sad to hear what Huawei's head honcho just told the Wall Street Journal . In an interview, Richard Yu spoke about the company's plans regarding Tizen, Windows Phone and a long-rumored homegrown OS , and basically said they were all doomed. According to the executive, unnamed mobile networks had asked Huawei to make Tizen smartphones, but Yu feels that the platform has "no chance to be successful." It's a bit of a u-turn, since the company has previously had a research unit looking into the Samsung-made software, but...Read more
Samsung Gear Fit

Google reportedly confronted Samsung over its approach to smartwatches

The strained relationship between Google and Samsung over Android customization has been apparent for a while, and it now looks like this discontent has spread to the wearable world. The Information claims that Google CEO Larry Page confronted Samsung last week over its decision to invest more in its Tizen-based Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches than the Android Wear-packing Gear Live . While the details of Page's discussions aren't available, it's clear that Google wants its biggest hardware partner to devote more attention to its Android-based platform. Reportedly, Google had even wanted Samsung to avoid dipping into wrist-worn technology...Read more

Samsung's first Tizen phone slips further into the future

Samsung Z is Galaxy on the outside, Tizen on the inside

Samsung Z is Galaxy on the outside, Tizen on the inside

While Samsung has been a loyal proponent of Android for quite some time, it's also spent the past few years cooking up its own open-source mobile operating system called...Read more

Samsung's Tizen graduates from phone to television with smart TV prototype

Yesterday, Samsung released a developer kit that shows it's planning on releasing a version of its open-sourced Tizen platform to run on smart TVs, not just wearables and smartphones . At the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco yesterday, the company unveiled its first ever Tizen TV prototype to show off exactly that. Installed on what appears to be a Samsung TV with a curved screen, Tizen's smart TV interface is still in its early development stages, so it's entirely possible that the interface on display at the conference might not make it to the final version. Yet, it's a...Read more
Samsung U8550 TV

Samsung lets you make apps for Tizen-based TVs that don't exist yet

Samsung breaks from Android with its first Tizen phone

Samsung breaks from Android with its first Tizen phone

Samsung Galaxy Gear update switches it from Android to Tizen

Samsung Galaxy Gear update switches it from Android to Tizen

When Samsung debuted its new line of Tizen-powered wearables , it looked like the original Galaxy Gear had been put on notice. Instead of leaving early adopters in the cold, the Korean smartphone maker has decided to make good on its promise to bring the wearable up to date -- by switching it from Android over to its own OS. The update includes improvements to performance and battery life, a new standalone music player, customizable shortcuts, and voice-controlled camera commands. By installing the update, which at the moment is available as a manual download or via Samsung's Kies software, you...Read more
Samsung expected to unveil a call-making smartwatch in June

Samsung expected to unveil a call-making smartwatch in June

Unlike cellphone-tethered models like the Pebble or Galaxy Gear 2 , "Dick Tracy" watches that make calls haven't set the world on fire -- probably because they're still clunky as hell . The WSJ , though, has added fuel to a previous rumor that Samsung will try to crack that market soon with its own watchphone. The Tizen-based device will reportedly make calls, send messages and take photos, while packing a GPS, heart-rate monitor and other whiz-bang tech. The Korean company is said to have spoken to US and Asian carriers about such a device, and may announce it in...Read more
Samsung may soon launch Tizen phones in Russia and India

Samsung may soon launch Tizen phones in Russia and India

​Remember Samsung's Tizen operating system? It's not a household name, but it did make an appearance on the second wave of Galaxy Gear devices . We're still waiting for a full-fledged phone running the open-source OS, though, and we may just see one this year. According to sources who spoke with the Wall Street Journal , Samsung will launch a Tizen handset in Russia "in the coming weeks," and a Tizen device will reach India soon after. While that's about it in terms of details, one thing is clear: Samsung will look outside the US and Europe to get its...Read more