Sample image är ett initiativ att skapa en portal för det Linux-baserade öppen källkod operativsystemet Tizen.

På hittar ni alla nyheter kring Tizen på ett och samma ställe samt ett forum för diskussioner.

Video: Samsung Z Hands On

I go hands-on with the just announced Samsung Z, the first Tizen based smartphone....Read more

Video: Samsung’s Tizen based Smart TV

At the Tizen Developer Conference, Samsung is showing off a prototype Tizen TV. Despite being in active development, the OS is fast and fluid....Read more

Samsung Z Video: The Tizen Smartphone

At the Tizen Developer Conference Samsung’s Executive Vice President, J-D Choi just...Read more

A look at the Tizen UI from the Samsung Z

Samsung just made the Z official a few hours ago, and here at the Tizen Developer Conference I got a chance to play with the brand new UI that will ship with the first Tizen smartphone. The UI is different from the reference Tizen UI that you might have seen before, and is also a departure from Samsung’s usual Touch Wiz interface. You have multiple homescreens, a pull down notification area, you can swipe up to get to all the other apps that don’t find a place on your homescreen, quick toggles in the notification center and so on. Samsung’s...Read more

The first Tizen smartphone is here – The Samsung Z

At the heels of the Tizen Developer Conference that kicks off today in San Francisco, Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone simply called the Z, has just been revealed. The phone itself while not packing top of the line specifications, is no slouch by any means. It comes with  a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display  (1280×720p), packs a  quad-core 2.3GHz processor  and will  run Tizen version 2.2.1. Just like the Galaxy S5, it also supports a heart rate monitor, a fingerprint sensor and comes with functionality such as an ultra power saving mode and download booster that also first made an appearance of the Galaxy flagship. It...Read more
There will be a Gear 2 Smartwatch giveaway the Tizen Dev. Conference

There will be a Gear 2 Smartwatch giveaway the Tizen Dev. Conference

We’ve just had confirmation from the official Linux blog that the Tizen based Gear 2 smartwatch will be given to all attendees at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014. While we’ve seen Tizen come to consumer electronics in a camera before , the Gear 2 is Tizen’s first entry into the smartwatch segment. We’re also counting down to the first ( or two ) Tizen smartphones, and the Tizen Dev. Conference that’s taking place in San Francisco from June 2-4, 2014 should shed even more light on how the OS is progressing. The schedule is already out , and the Conference is divided...Read more

The 3rd Tizen Dev. Conference Kicks Off June 2nd, Devices Coming By End Of Q2

Tizen is the platform that comes into news ever so often, and just when everyone is sure that we shall finally see a smartphone based on the platform actually hit the market, something else does. First it was Samsung’s NX 300M camera that turned out to be Tizen based, then at the MWC Samsung announced the Tizen powered Gear 2. NTT DoCoMo was widely tipped to carry a Tizen based smartphone earlier this year, but that came to naught with the carrier pulling out. What added even more fuel to the fire was the big Samsung – Google handshake that...Read more
Samsung Tizen Camera

Samsung’s First Tizen Power Device Is Already In Stores – Its The NX300M Camera

While everyone waits for the Samsung to release their first Tizen based smartphone, it turns out that Samsung has already shipped a commercial Tizen based product – the NX 300M camera. Today at the Tizen Developer Summit in Seoul, Samsung’s Jong-Deok Choi, proudly showed off the NX300M, and confirmed that the NFC and WIFI capable camera was indeed based on Tizen. The Tizen based mirror-less camera packs a 20.3 MP sensor, a 3.31″ OLED screen, WIFI, NFC and ISO sensitivities from 100 to 25,600.  ( YouTube link ) It is available in South Korea for about 890,000 won ($835).
Similar...Read more
Tizen 3.0 Features Announced: Multiple User Support, 64-bit Architecture More

Tizen 3.0 Features Announced: Multiple User Support, 64-bit Architecture More

Tizen 2.2.1 was announced yesterday in the lead up to today’s Tizen Developer Summit, and the message that was sent out in the keynote is that 2.2.1 is feature complete and capable of being deployed on smartphones. However, towards the end of the keynote we were given a look at what to expect with Tizen 3.0, and here are some of the major points: The Tizen 3.0 release will update the Core OS and toolchain. It brings support for multiple users and the big talking point, specifically after Apple’s recent announcement, was 64-bit architecture. We were told that 64-bit support...Read more

Tizen Mobile Lite Is Coming, Targets Low End Smartphones

When Tizen was first announced, and through the months of development Tizen has always been projected as an operating system for high end devices. But that is changing, and with Tizen 3.0, Tizen will introduce support for low-end smartphones as well. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as its easier to convince people to buy a cheap phone on a brand new platform than it is to convince them to spend 600$+ on a OS that’s still in its infancy. Tizen Mobile Lite will need just 256 MB RAM, a 512 MB ROM, and support HVGA and QVGA screen resolutions....Read more
Samsung Intel Announce The Tizen App Challenge – $4 Million In Prize Money

Samsung Intel Announce The Tizen App Challenge – $4 Million In Prize Money

I have just received word from the Linux Foundation that Intel and Samsung will be announcing the ‘ Tizen App Challenge ‘, in which more than $4 million is up for grabs for developers. This announcement comes days after the rumour that Tizen was being abandoned. This $4 million in prize money should go a long way in assuring developers that the companies are still very much behind the platform. While Samsung was tight lipped about when it plans to release a Tizen based device, Orange has stated that a device is coming at the end of summer . Similarly NTT DOCOMO...Read more
Tizen PQ Developer Device

That Leaked Tizen Redwood Device – It Looks Awfully Like The Developer PQ Device

Pictures of a Samsung Tizen smartphone that is supposedly the GT-i8800 are making the rounds of the internet today. While I can’t be certain that the device in the pictures is not the GT-i8800 (or a similar device that will be sold commercially), it does look a lot like the Tizen Developer device PQ that’s been available for a while now. While the device is seen running some Samsung software like SVoice that’s not been available publicly, it could easily be a case of the latest Tizen ROM being run on the developer device. The idea of Samsung’s first commercial Tizen device...Read more
Tizen App Store

Video Demo: Tizen App Store Running On A Tizen Phone

The Tizen App Store was officially announced today at the Tizen Developer Conference, and it will be the goto place for all your application needs. The store isn’t accessible to the general public yet, but is open for developers to submit their apps ( ). Registration and publishing apps is free, and the promise to developers is that their apps will be validated within 3 days of being submitted for approval. The Tizen Store is pretty much everything you expect from a modern App Store, however it does have a couple of novel features. One of them is the...Read more